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the bee happy dress


With wrinkles, because she wouldn’t wait for me to iron it before I put it on her. Nor would she let me comb her hair, so you get wrinky bedhead Kit today.

bee dress

I’ve been a busy bee, sewing and knitting a bunch of clothing for Kit. Some of it we have made up as we go along, but this dress is the totally adorable Roller Skate dress from Oliver + S. I own several of her patterns and love the details on them. This dress is especially simple – only two pattern pieces for view A. I made it reversible by cutting out the dress and lining as suggested, but from two different prints Then I finished the hem by sewing the two pieces together, instead of having separate hems.

The button is a fabric covered button that I made a few years ago. It was languishing in the button jar, so we pulled it out to put it to good use. I always forget how much I love these. I should make more of them.

back button

Kit loves this dress and asks for it by name. She loves that little bee. If only I could talk her into wearing the same kerchief on her head, it would be perfect! Especially for serious bedhead days like today. Ahem.

Kit wanted to show you the other side. I need to attach one more button for the reverse view – she loves the pears and apples and can’t wait to show them off. I have had yardage of this print for a few years now, and it’s high time I used it.

it's reversible!

I made the size 3 and it’s a great fit for her – hopefully it will continue to be into the spring, since she’s a little peanut. For the winter, we’ll put a long sleeve knit shirt and leggings underneath, or throw a sweater over it so that it will get plenty of use all winter as well. We can use a little sunshine-y yellow once the rain and grey hits (which looks to be this weekend).

And the best part? When she put on the dress, she hugged me tight and said “Mom, thank you so much for making this dress for me. I love it.” That’s what makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Jess

    Love this new blog, I don’t know why I hadn’t visited you here before!
    Also, love, love, love Kit’s haircut. Super cute.
    The dress is also lovely,

  2. amy

    This is adorable, even (especially!) the bed-headed model. G doesn’t wear dresses all that often so the most I’ve sewn for her is skirts, and not very often. I’ve had paw-print fabric she picked out ages ago languishing, waiting for me to get my act together…

    • Sarah Jackson
      Sarah Jackson11-05-2013

      Thanks Amy! I love dresses – one piece dressing for the win!

  3. Angelina

    I love it! If I wasn’t fat I’d want to (and would) wear this dress too. But with either longer sleeves under it (as you mentioned) or I’d sew longer ones on. Totally cute. Also – that haircut is the one I always want and the one I rarely get. I must get copies of pictures of Kit to bring to the hair salon so I can say “I want THIS!”

    • Sarah Jackson
      Sarah Jackson11-05-2013

      definitely bring her photo to get the haircut you want. Or visit, and go to my hairdresser. 😉

  4. beki

    onmygoodness, i could eat her up!!
    super cute dress 😉 great job, mama!

    • Sarah Jackson
      Sarah Jackson11-05-2013

      Thanks Beki!! I think this would be a great dress for your younger girls too.

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