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Project Based Mentoring

Project Based Homeschooling Mentoring Services:

Sarah has a deep understanding of PBH, self-directed learning, and thoughtful mentoring strategies. As chief T.A. of the PBH master class, she excels at giving meaningful feedback that is positive and encouraging but also direct and intuitive. She has implemented PBH with children from preschool through the teen years and has abundant experience with all of the learning and family issues that entails. She would be my first recommendation for anyone looking for one-on-one support. — Lori Pickert, author of Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners


I would highly recommend Sarah as a resource for fine tuning your project based homeschool experience. I have known Sarah since our first PBH mentoring class together. Online and in person she has been a great inspiration to me as someone who not only mentors her children with their education, but also practices project based learning in her own life. She is an extremely supportive ally and friend in the somewhat murky waters of homeschooling. Her knowledge with a wide age range of kids both in and out of school enables her to be empathetic to whatever your current situation is. She’s pretty much been there, done that and is still going strong. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.  – Amy Klinke, PBH parent and fellow Master Class Teaching Assistant


My family has used a project-based approach for our homeschooling and family life since 2008.

I’ve been the head teaching assistant in Lori Pickert’s PBH Master Class for the last two years, mentoring parents as they establish project-based homeschooling in their own lives.

I would love to help you establish or reboot your PBH life with one-on-one coaching, using Lori’s Project-Based Homeschooling book and website as source material.

I offer project-based homeschooling mentoring services via email, Skype/FaceTime, or in-person meetings (local to PDX only). Whether you are new to PBH, struggling with a specific issue, need a reboot/refresh, or have specific areas where you need focused support and brainstorming, I can help.

As your PBH coach, I can work with you to

  • combine PBH with your current homeschooling philosophy (unschooling, eclectic, traditional, classical, etc.) or plan for a PBH-centered approach,
  • answer your in-depth questions about PBH,
  • set up a simple, flexible project space,
  • address family culture issues such as screen time, family rhythm, and balancing competing needs,
  • establish a journaling practice that works for you
  • develop a portfolio plan for college applications or state documentation,
  • learn how to support and mentor instead of taking over,
  • figure out where things are going off the rails and get yourself back on track, and/or
  • find time and space for your own project work.

Services and fees:

  • Initial consultation $150, includes:
    • Email questionnaire
    • Evaluation of needs and priorities for your family
    • Two hours of coaching time via Skype or FaceTime
  • Follow-up support $75 per hour for the first five hours, $60 per hour thereafter

Local to PDX only:

  • In-person project space evaluation $75 per hour (including any travel time over 30 minutes)
  • Available for group talks, please query for fees

Contact me at to discuss your situation. I look forward to working with you!