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I’m Sarah. I’m a maker and a homeschooling parent/mentor. I am a Pacific NW native who craves the sun. I sew bags for sale, as well as clothes and quilts and patchwork things. I excel at knitting 3/4 of a sweater and crocheting most of an afghan. I believe most things can be improved with a coat or two of paint, and most problems can be fixed by a well timed reboot. My favorite things include green shoes, yellow chairs, pops of color with linen, ripe raspberries, food from my garden, and Craigslist finds. I will drop everything to help a friend. I love fiercely and cry easily.

I have been homeschooling my kids with a project based emphasis since 2008. My kids have pursued a variety of projects, from Lego to butterflies, anime to nature based educational theory. I love project based homeschooling because it empowers my kids (and me!) to take charge of our own learning and skill building. My four kids range in age from 5 to 25, so I have seen how project based learning plays out over the long haul, including all the ways that I can mess it up. Learning how to be a great mentor has been the focus of my homeschooling life.

I love helping other people how to make the most of their family life and homeschooling journey. I ask the right questions for helping you figure out what needs work and changing up your routines.In my corporate life I was a team manager and I am happiest helping people achieve their big goals. I can help you empower your kids to take on responsibility for their education and passions. I might even be able to motivate you finish the last 1/4 of that sweater you’re knitting.

I try to find beauty in the everyday, and sunshine in the grey.