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hipster hen haven


We moved to what I hope is our forever home about 3 months ago. We have moved a LOT in the last 10 years (and really I have my whole adult life) but I think this home is finally the place where we will set down our roots. By sheer coincidence, it is the home that my dad’s long time girlfriend grew up in. It was built by her father in the late 1930s and he owned it until the mid 1980s when it was sold. It has been sold a few times since and now it is ours! My father grew up a few blocks away. This is home. It’s really the perfect place for us – the home has never been remodeled, so it has all the original charm. It sits on an acre of land with a creek at the north border. The house isĀ out of the city proper, but is close to a major bike path into town so we can keep up with biking and walking. We have been busy – so so busy – clearing space for a huge garden, reclaiming areas from blackberries and bindweed, and most importantly building a chicken coop that is now happily populated with chickens.

image image

The design was worked out by Gunnar and me with a few adjustments along the way. There’s a screened in section in front of a closed coop. We will add a door when it gets cold. It’s big enough for the hens to stay locked in for a weekend if we go out of town.

image image

Through the pop door is a 500sf run for them to roam in. We’ll move the run periodically to give them fresh grass and to let the land recover. Gunnar is also building a chicken tractor to move them around the field and in the winter they can forage in the garden. I’m so happy to have hens again.

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