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getting down to business



I make a lot of things. I knit, I cook and bake, I sew clothing for my littles. I make pillows and curtains. But I feel most accomplished (and least skilled) when I make quilts. I have big quilting goals this year. Big. I want to complete a quilt for every bed in this house. This could be pretty easy to do if I liked simple quilts, but I don’t. I love quilts with tiny pieces and curves or triangles. I like things to be complicated. So, for my first bed quilt of the year, I took on the Denyse Schmidt Single Girl quilt pattern, which I bought nearly two years ago. Last spring, Erin was kind enough to send me her templates for the pieces, and last summer I gathered my fabrics and cut out all of the tiny scraps that make up the rings. And then it sat.


After Christmas and unpacking, I pulled it out, and over the course of a couple of weeks, I pieced all of the quarter rings. Then I agonized over the background fabric – white was my first choice, but the quilt is for a 3 year old. So, no. Grey! But what shade of grey? After spending some quality time at my local quilt shop with the help of the sales clerk and random customers, Kona medium grey was selected, and 48 inner and outer background pieces were cut. I have neglected many other things in my life for the last two weeks, sneaking down to the studio to spend an hour making progress. And 0ver 10 days, those hours added up to a finished quilt top!


There are no good places in my new (teeny) house to take quilt photos. So, you get the dining room window. What’s nice about that is that it’s very clear how the whole thing goes together, so we’ll just roll with it. Pretend the photo is better.


In order to be truly twin sized, it needs a 2″ border all around, but since the quilt is going on a bunk bed, I’m leaving off the border. I also like the rings going right to the edge of the quilt. I’m going to piece a backing this weekend, and then set it aside for a couple of weeks while I finish the next two tops. Then I’ll quilt it in time for her 3rd birthday next month. She already snuggled up with the top, so I think she’ll like it.


The details:

Fabrics in red/pink/green/aqua all from stash. It only takes a bit of each fabric, so I was able to stretch out those 1/8 yards and favorite scraps that have been sitting around. Background is Kona Medium Grey. Backing will be 12 squares of some of the fabrics from the front. Pattern is Denyse Schmidt Single Girl.

On to the next one!




  1. chris

    It’s beautiful, Sarah. Beautiful! You do love complicated. And you’re so good at it! xo

  2. melissa

    looks wonderful. all of it.

  3. erin

    yippee! it looks great! and it is such an accomplishment to complete that pattern. go you!

  4. Dawn Suzette
    Dawn Suzette04-08-2013

    I just saw this post!
    It is beautiful. The gray is a great choice. It looks so good with the pinks, greens, and blues! Wonderful job!

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