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down in the creek


imageimageimageIt’s been hot here – about 30 degrees above normal for this time of year. We’re fine tuning our house cooling routine with open windows, fans, closed windows and a/c units, closed curtains, etc. with pretty good success. But by far, the best place to cool down is in the creek that borders the field. We have a little rock landing where I have set up a chair for sitting with my feet in the water and book in hand. Most of it is ankle deep for exploring, with a small “swimming” hole that’s about two feet deep – perfect for 6 year old swimmers.

imageA more robust swing has been requested, of course, and a rope railing to get up the path. There will be a crawdad trap and tracking of fish and duckling growth. So if you need us this summer, you’ll find us by the creek. image

  1. Lori

    the best! <3

  2. Lisa

    Really the perfect home for you. Such a wonderful spot.

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